Iphone Swollen Battery Disposal

Iphone Swollen Battery Disposal. If you have a bloated battery, just remove the battery (safely, of course!) and discard it or send it to a recycling center. For the most part, unless you stab it, an unused bloated battery ought to be reasonably safe.

iPhone battery swollen like balloon How do I dispose of
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Place it into an aforementioned fireproof container until you can bring it into a recycling center. The swollen battery will produce some toxic substances when it meets with water, which will affect your health. I have a old iphone 4 the back was popping off i opended it up the battery was swollen i put mty finger tip on it made a horrble smell it popped somewhere the battery swelled down i popped the back on it was working fine my guess is if you need the iphone right way take out the battery do a pop tape it that worked for me for a while

Don't Leave It Plugged In.

Now it’s time to dispose of it. You should never charge a swollen battery as this could result in an explosion. If the battery is punctured during removal and there’s no flame:

Now It’s Time To Dispose Of It.

There is likely no need to panic if it is just a week or two until you can properly dispose of it. Hook it up to a balance charger that has a discharge function (you probably don't have one of these) submerge it in salt water for a couple of days. Why is my iphone battery swelling?

Just Stop Using It After You Drain The Battery Down To 0.

You want to store it for as short a time as possible. It could become punctured, causing hazardous gases to escape. Expect to spend somewhere between $50 and $150, depending on how much shopping around you plan to do.

If The Battery Is Swollen:

Don’t throw it away or put it in water, please—recycle it. Keep the swollen battery in the container until you can take it to a recycling center. Easiest way to dispose of a lithium battery is to discharge it to 0v and then chuck it in the recycle bin.

Dispose Of The Battery At An Authorized Recycling Center.

Do not recycle swollen batteries. Take it to an apple store after making an appointment and they will give you a new phone for $49 before tax. To dispose of swollen mobile phone batteries, you can choose a box or bag, pack the battery, and throw it into the trash can where you can recycle metal.

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