Reduce Echo in your residence With the Painless Hints

While manufacturers now produce carpeting, linen, and even paint made to dampen sound, reverberation can be a big problem in a few homes, particularly large homes featuring natural stone surfaces and limited carpeting. It isn’t so much that you mind feeling like you live in a castle; it’s the fact every noise, from the baby’s screaming to your spouse’s questionable taste in music the dog’s nails clipping the linoleum, is amplified just enough to operate a vehicle you crazy. Unless you wish to make your house appear to be the inside of a 1970s elevator with floor-to-ceiling carpeting, you’ll have to choose few key items, like floor-length table linens, to reduce amplification and reverberation.


Carpeting will reduce reverberation from the floor. Obviously, that is from the question if you simply spent thirty grand installing travertine flooring. If this isn’t the case, you need to still be prepared to invest a great deal of money. Carpeting isn’t cheap, and low quality carpeting will appear good for no more than five years or so. If you are willing to commit to it, carpeting can generally be installed within a day.


If you’ve decided that carpeting isn’t just how you wish to go, rugs certainly are a good alternative. In addition to absorbing sound themselves, they create an uneven surface on the floor. Sound bounces more readily off smooth surfaces, so rugs may make a huge difference.


Fabric Curtains will help to absorb sound. They’ll also keep sunlight from entering your house in summer time and help to help keep heat from escaping through the windows through the winter. Acoustic soundproofing panels

Wall Décor

Don’t worry-you won’t need to put on tacky wallpaper or surround yourself with table linens. Something that breaks up the shape of a clean wall will help to divert sound. Make an effort to use porous décor, like canvas paintings in glass-free frames. You can also dedicate a wall or two to your children’s art work, report cards, and academic achievements.


Wooden chairs may make obnoxious scraping noises. You should be able to locate appropriately-sized felt sliders at any hardware store. You can also find cheap chair covers to cover up older furniture and muffle the creaking noises wooden chairs often make. You should be able to locate attractive cheap chair covers online.


Cover tables with floor-length (or just long) table cloths. True, tables themselves don’t provide for reverberation, but they do allow sound to flow past them. Longer table cloths will mitigate this issue by absorbing sound.

Reduce Echo in your residence With the Painless Hints

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