Up Arrow Next To Time On Iphone

Up Arrow Next To Time On Iphone. For the iphone 4, which didn't seem to be addressed: If you recently signed in to the find my iphone app, you can disregard this email.

Hollow Arrow Next To Time On Iphone riovid
Hollow Arrow Next To Time On Iphone riovid from b1.mouarf.org

On prior versions of iphone with ios software the status icons are more or less the same but contain colors and are just a bit. The hollow arrow icon shows iphone users that geofencing is enabled and currently being used. Loading new data in facebook or tumblr.

If This Icon Is Red, Then Your Iphone Has Less Than 20% Charge.

Arrow appereance can be absolutly different: It’s one of the reasons i don’t have the weather complication 😄 If present, that means you have an alarm set in the clock app.

Arrow Pointing Up And Right Iphone Icon (Location) This Arrow Basically Means That Some App Or A Site Is Using Your Location.

This icon shows the battery level of your iphone. Iphone 4, mac os x (10.6.8) posted on sep 27, 2011 6:15 am reply i. Geofencing creates a virtual fence around a location on a map, and if the iphone enters or leaves that area the device will perform an action, such as sending an alert or data.

On Prior Versions Of Iphone With Ios Software The Status Icons Are More Or Less The Same But Contain Colors And Are Just A Bit.

Your iphone is paired with a wireless headset, headphones, or earbuds. It could even be background data access like updating apps from the store or if you have background refresh enabled for some or all apps. To jump to the next or previous list in the web item rotor, press the left arrow and up arrow keys or the right arrow and up arrow.

If You Recently Signed In To The Find My Iphone App, You Can Disregard This Email.

As what was stated, the arrow icon simply means that your ios device is accessing your location. If the icon is hollow and only has the borders on it, this means that the location sharing is limited to only some conditions being met. The newest iphone models with modern ios have refined status bar icons that are intended to convey a meaning quickly, here is what they are, and what the icons indicate, directly from the apple iphone user guide:

They Have Different Functions And Play Different Roles.

What does the arrow looking symbol mean next to the battery at the top right of my iphone mean? The little arrow sometimes showing up indication that location services on your iphone are currently active. If this icon is yellow, low power mode is on.

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